Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tickets To The Phantom of the Opera

The show was great...superb. It was carried out by an international school (Beacon House) This means everybody there is filthy rich.
Peaceful in the bus (Cause beside me is a quite girl so that i can get a goodnight sleep).When we reach LDP , there is a lot of vehicles, and once we reach Bandar Utama, Its jam. When we reach the destination, there are a lot of schools. Some of my primary school, other school friends are there too. I never imagined that it'll be so crowded. Then, I saw my cousin's school badge on somebody's shirt. The automatic respond is "Where is Eunice?" At first, I was seating with my basketball master at the 1st row -front- but then, suddenly some rude teachers wants somebody to go behind (bloody xxxx, we are here first xxxxx!).Then, I can't bear being the selfish so I decided to go - My master is seating with someone special to him - to a place that is more comfortable, some seats that are peace and could enjoy the show alone. I spend the 20 minutes break searching all my "other school" friends. And I also tried to look for my cousin but failed.Well, maybe she did now go at all.
Some parts of the act was funny, some was exciting, some was scary. In the photography session -i did not bring my camera - everybody said Eric\k loudly and make be stand beside the phantom. lol.......

Friday, July 17, 2009

Hellooo...My blog...(Bye Bye Cousin)

Bye Bye Cousin.....There he went....To Sydney for studies. I will really miss him. He upgraded his life into a university life with tons of assignments and events at Australia. Wow, 3 cousins at Australia, It'll be fun but too bad i'm not good enough.
I'll have to work hard for now on......I really miss playing Left 4 Dead with him due to his retirement of the game. Too bad...Oh yea, this is a Welcome back post. I did not touch the blog for months just because of my Mid-year examination. Then After that, I suddenly feel lazy just to update my blog.(This shows LAZINESS ).The Cameraman job suddenly out of my kill boredom list cause 1 of my .....spoil my SD card just by acting it like a pendrive and save movies , and I don't even have a card reader. This cause me to delete taking pictures at my interest list. Now that I fixed it back, I'm back.....just like terminator( I'll be back)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

How is it?

MY maple character lol.......

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Guess What?!

Quite busy this few days...Busy until I bored my myself death.I keep playing with the music speed and change it's sound like a music
That day in the morning, I was late to school(as usual cause reading a novel.Warcraft War of the Ancients)
Then I sit at the lobby as usual lepak place until class starts..hehe..But then our english teacher suddenly came behind me and tell me to get ready to go on stage. Then I ask why..Then the teacher answered with a smile "for the prize of course". I was shocked and I ask prize for what..But then teacher never answered. My friend say its for the poster.I did not even know how to draw, How can I get the prize??
Then when we went to the hall, somebody is searching for Hui Ning..Then the other form 4 form 5 ones. Then suddenly the mc answered my question without noticing with the mic.He said all the maths week winners please stand at the side.
Then, what about those english ones??? After that , bla bla bla the teachers talking a lot on the stage..And then its time for the prize giving..The teacher first announced the winners of maths week then after that she said some english week winners will get their prize after the assembly by their class teachers.So , I thought maybe I have no chance to go on the stage. Then suddenly "2nd place goes to Vimmal from 3A. And the First prize goes to ERIC!" and I managed to be calm and walk up the stage to get the prize.....And then after that ...The class starts..and................

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Birthday To Irene Ng

Yearp...Somebody is growing a year older...
She loves to chat, stays at the same area with me...
Likes ta talk a lot....
The 1 chinese girl that I used to talk with...
Well, Happy Birthday..
Here is a present with my teddy bear I used to kick it down from my
Hope you like it!

Hope your birthday wish come true..

Sorry...I don't have other pictures of you...x_x(I'm gonna get killed by posting that picture)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Banguan Sultan Abdul Samad V 2

Did not aim...Plus I keep moving around..If not they will suspect me taking their pictures...

Nice view of the garden...

Same too

A painting don't even know form who...(Cause I did not read the description...


The books on the shelves

Chinese group photo...(So Racist gosh..)


Honda city

All Girls Photo....

Boo..Happy Halloween..(Halloween came bit early this year..)

Whoops..Hey, She turned away!!!Darn it

She is playing with her phone there...(don't even know why I take this photo for...)

Group Photo!!!

View from below

Yes..Irene that is the Jalur Gemilang....

This is what happened without my tripod...

Those Buildings standing tall

The pond

Dataran Merdeka !!

This is a wet pic but lucky the water is not

3.2.1...chic cha....

I nearly fall yo the pool when I take this pic....hihihi

The street...

The Clock Tower...

Take my picture in your dreams mahn...Too SLow!

I thought it was a Dodge Viper..XD

Mercedes BenZZ

That day, my friends and I went there for the second time to get the stupid info about that building for our stupid kerja kursus..But at last we still get it..We took the bus for more than an hour to reach there.(Although we just felt like half an hour)
There was many traffic at that time so the bus move slowly to the destination. We get down at the bus stop near the Agro Bank Building.We got down the bus,Oh yea... I forgot to tell you that the bus fare is RM2.
We walk to the building. After a few minutes walking I was sweating like hell.The sun shine at us as if we are at the Sahara desert...Then we at last reach to the building front entrance with our mouth wide open..There were other school students lining up waiting to write our names at the booklet.
Then, we go around taking pics and searching anything we could use on our folio...Then suddenly , something splendid happened.Hui Ning fall sick.Her mom was correct everything about her as if she is the 1 that could see the future of her daughter.
And then bla bla bla bla...nothing special...After that I and My friends taking bus to go home.After that I walk Irene home and then I walk home THE END..That is all Folks!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Love is there..Even when I am studiying

I love you and I really do...

Even books fold themself..see